Thursday, February 4, 2010

Teen sells virginity to pay for tuition

A New Zealand teenager who says she auctioned her virginity online for US$32,000 to raise tuition money did not break any laws but it might be risky for her to follow through on the deal, police warned Wednesday.

The anonymous 19-year-old student offered her virginity to the highest bidder on the website www.ineed.co.nz under the name “Unigirl,” saying she would use the money to pay for her tuition.

She said in a post that more than 30,000 people had viewed her ad and more than 1,200 had made bids before she accepted an offer of more than US$32,000.

Unlike similar New Zealand websites, bidding and correspondence between buyers and sellers on the ineed site is private so it is not known what bids Unigirl’s offer received.[ lagi ]

he he he nasib baik aku tak paham bahasa inggeris .. he he he


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