Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pakatan to sue Speaker over Anwar suspension

“We don’t accept the motion. That’s the reason why we walked out. We may take it to court. There is precedence in the case of Gobind Singh where we took the Speaker, Pandikar Amin, to court.

“The court has ruled that in certain circumstances, especially when the rule of natural justice is not complied, then the court has the jurisdiction. We will take it to court. The action of the Speaker is so blatant that it cannot in anyway be defended. We want a judicial ruling on that so we can’t let him get away with this. We don’t want this to become a precedence in future,” he told reporters after the opposition staged a walk-out in Parliament today.[ lagi ]

Gi Court?
Tak ke sama je dengan Parlimen? ... wakakakak !!!



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