Sunday, January 24, 2010

Karpal: Review all fraud land transfers

KUALA LUMPUR - The Federal Court should review all decisions of property transfers by fraudulent documents after issuing its landmark ruling in overturning a 2000 decision on the Adorna Properties vs Boonsoom Boonyanit @ Sun Yok Eng case, said lawyer Karpal Singh.

karpal singh 2aHe said the Federal Court's decision on Thursday which protected original landowners from losing their lands to forgers and overruling the 2000 ruling, had far reaching implications to those who have lost their land under such circumstances.

A five-member bench of the apex court led by Chief Justice Zaki Azmi ruled that the controversial 2000 ruling in the case of Adorna Properties vs Boonsoom Boonyanit @ Sun Yok Eng, permitting fraudulent land transfer, was erroneous. [ lagi ]

Kalau tak der tipu .. mungkin aku anak orang kaya .. he he he


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