Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Kemana lenyapnya RM1.4 billion?

[...] He said the Auditor-General had found just RM79.15 million in the fund even though the Government Expenditure Estimates reported that RM1.5 billion had been allocated for that purpose. “Where has the money gone? More seriously, when did it go missing, the RM1.4 billion?” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby today. “I don’t think the Audit Department (made a mistake). They are more meticulous when it comes to accounting.”[ lagi ]

Wakakak !!!
Panas .. lagi duit hilang. .. wakakak !!!
Hoi syoknye ...
Ni mesti toyol curi ..
Toyol yang bermacam macam saiz
Jangan salahkan lembu fidlot ...
Wakakakak !!!


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